With over 630 responses from 42 countries, results from the What’s Your Combination questionnaire were impactful and surprising, but also show that you are not alone.

While psoriatic arthritis is a disease that can affect each person differently, it was found that respondents share similarities in domains, severity, and also in comorbidities. Scroll down to find out more, or to learn more about psoriatic arthritis click here.

Of all domains to date, peripheral arthritis was the most commonly experienced domain according to the results from the What’s Your Combination questionnaire.

Looking further at domain severity, respondents were most severely affected by peripheral arthritis.

When looking at axial disease, dactylitis and nail disease, the following was found by the What’s your Combination questionnaire:

It is also possible you may be affected by a combination of two or more domains, or even by all six of them. However, the experience of the different domains of psoriatic arthritis, and the body parts affected, varied greatly from person to person.

Results from the What’s Your Combination questionnaire further highlighted that 1 in 4 of those living with psoriatic arthritis reported experiencing depression and anxiety in their daily life.

If you are curious to find out more about your individual disease, complete the questionnaire.

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